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Stacy Whitaker is our administrative assistant to keep our office functioning smoothly so that we can service our clients. Stacy works closely with Carolyn and Danielle to schedule client meetings, process client payments, and manage our electronic file system. Stacy also helps to maintain the firm’s culture by contributing to an office environment that is encouraging, uplifting, and a wonderful place to work. Stacy’s contributions to Passion Law allows us to better service our clients and makes her a wonderful addition to our firm.

Stacy brings over 30 years of leadership and a broad range of experience to Passion Law. After working with the Orange County Department of Education, Stacy went on to acquire life coach certification and counseling certification. Stacy has created her own private school and taught homeschool classes in an individual and group setting.

Because of her heart to serve and her passion for others, Stacy has utilized her skill sets to plan events, to coordinate, and to create. Here are some examples of Stacy’s past service: as a volunteer to help at different food pantries, taught in children ministries, created the Art Center at Celebration Church, now in San Juan Capistrano, directed and created the Saddleback Valley Home School graduation, helped to coordinate conferences for Unfading Beauty Ministries Inc. and Celebration Church, led Women’s Ministry, presented at conferences, led and directed the Inner Healing Ministry, and served on the board of directors for Unfading Beauty Ministries Inc. and she has served as the Assistant Dean for Celebration School of Supernatural Ministries. Currently, Stacy serves as the director of first year students at Celebration School of Supernatural Ministries, as one of the directors of the Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry’s Inner Healing ministry, conference speaker, and lead prayer minister.

Stacy brings an adventurous spirit to Passion Law. She has traveled to Thailand, Africa, Romania, and Mexico on short term mission trips. In Thailand, she ministered to women and children who were victims of human trafficking. In Malawi, Africa she helped mobilize people and churches to have a heart for the needs of Malawi. In Mexico, she provided training to equip people in inner healing. In addition, she helped build homes with Habitat for Humanity. Stacy has also gone to Romania to help with infants and children in orphanages, hospitals, and people on the streets. She has also traveled to South Dakota to bring inner healing to the women and children of the Lakota Sioux Indian reservation.

Stacy heart’s desire is to help people be free to be everything they were created to be, follow their dreams, and live their passion. Stacy is a joy for our legal team and clients to work with as she brings her God-given identity to Passion Law, where we help others ignite their passion.