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Why Business Owners Choose Passion Law

We work with clients in California and Nevada to form their business and draft their contracts.

Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs and professionals choose us.

Trusted and Experienced

Most clients are referred from a cpa, attorney,
or other business advisor. Even attorneys hire
us to form their Law corporations. Attorney
Carolyn Dillinger has been forming
corporations for 14 years. Our two attorneys,
Carolyn and Danielle, can answer your
question and form your new business so that
you can start conquering your goals.


Our team of attorneys and staff are fun to talk
with. We enjoy working with entrepreneurs
and being in business. We believe in our clients
and empower them to succeed. We like to
keep track of our client's goals, so we can
watch you achieve them. It isn't just good
business sense. It is who we are . We are
Passion Law.

Your Business Lawyer

Our clients find that they receive more than
just  a corp or llc. We give them business
advice, introduce them to cpas, insurance
brokers, and others. We can help you with
your contracts, negotiate your business deals.
We can help to keep you out of trouble.

This is a long-term relationship. Let's get

Form Professional Law Corporations


Give you peace of mind that your law corporation is formed correctly. For a reasonable flat fee we will handle the process of forming your California Law Corporation. Our flat fee package includes what you need to open up your bank account, such as the filed articles of incorporation, the tax id, and the filed statement of information or bank resolution. Our package also includes bylaws, directors’ minutes, stock certificates, stock transfer ledger, purchase/sale of stock agreement, California’s 25102(f) filing, agreement to transfer and, if applicable, the agreement to assign the assets of the sole proprietorship or partnership to the corporation, and the s corp election (form 2553).

We also provide strategic business advise and introduction to other professionals and resources along the way, as you have need.

You don’t just need a corp. You need a professional law corporation. As you know, your license is governed by the State Bar.

We can form your professional law corporation and, for California lawyers, register it with the State Bar of California.

Draft Contracts


Employment agreements, Employee handbooks, Legal Services Agreements, and more.

Draft Of Counsel Agreements


Did you know that having another attorney be Of Counsel to your firm is not just something that you can decide.  There is a standard under California law that must be met in order for you to properly designate another attorney as Of Counsel.  We will advise you of the standard and will help you to craft an of Counsel structure, including compensation terms, that makes sense for your firm.

Draft Limited Liability Partnership Agreements


We can advise you on the structure of your limited liability partnerships, including compensation terms.
We can draft your limited liability partnership agreement, and
Communicate with the parties

Buy or Sell a Law Practice


Are you planning to sell your law practice? Talk with us to help you prepare for sale.
Do you want to acquire a law firm? We can help you position to buy or to collaborate.


Working with Carolyn to form my non-profit organization has been the greatest pleasure. She has gone above and beyond at every opportunity, always offering to jump on the phone to answer questions, and has been timely and professional on each of our projects. I highly recommend working with her and her firm. I can say with confidence they are some of the best in Southern California.

Quinn Taber, CEO


I want to thank you and Danielle for taking me down this new journey in my life with great ease and care. Your knowledge of the LLC and incorporating process is awesome. You helped educate me on the options and deliverables for both solutions with a delivery and presentation a non-legal would understand.

Your advice and delivery of information both in writing and verbal was spot on and helped direct me to the best decision for my family and I. I was most impressed with the one on one time you spent at the conclusion of the document filing and walking me through every page of the LLC book and the next steps for me.

Thank you again for a very pleasant and professional experience!!

Scott Sheridan

When I was ready to start my new law firm, Carolyn Dillinger, Esq. was my first choice to form my professional law corporation. She knows corporations, and I trust her expertise. Carolyn explained my options, I made the decisions, and she made it happen. Choosing to work with Carolyn allowed me to not worry about the details of forming a professional law corp and registering it with the State Bar of California. I knew I was in good hands. With Carolyn’s help I was able to focus on starting my law firm. She was also responsible for getting me to attend church services again after not going for years.


Vincent Howard
Managing Shareholder of Howard Law, PC 2016 President of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA)

Passion Law helped us manuever the deep waters of the California Sectreaty of State, California Franchise Tax Board and the IRS. Carolyn and her team not only accomplished the work of setting up our subsidiary organizations but did it in a way that the lay person could understand. Since this process is done on a regular basis, Passion Law not only did the work but has developed a systematic process so that for all future engagements, we will have a punch list and be able to track progress easily. I was most impressed by the promptness of responses whether via email or telephone and always felt like I was their most important client.


Becky Turner
National Managing Partner, The Barnabas Group

I was referred to Carolyn from a friend of mine who had recently started his own business. We connected right away over the telephone, and it felt like I was talking to a friend rather than an attorney. I hired Passion Law, PC to form my LLC, as well as assist me in creating agreements. Carolyn and Danielle are enjoyable to work with, efficient, and have been responsive throughout the entire process. Just when I thought they wouldn’t respond because it was so late, there was a response in my inbox.

I have honestly received much more than an LLC! Carolyn has helped to teach me aspects about being in business, and referred me to a C.P.A and other professionals, when needed. She really knows her stuff and is so willing to help me understand what I am doing and why.
This saves time, which is crucial to someone with a hectic schedule like me. They are truly excited by my success. I’m not in business by myself, I have a support in Passion Law.

Devon Loizeaux
Behavioral Healthcare Consulting & Coaching Services

I hired Carolyn and her office to help me with the incorporation documents for my solo law practice. Even though I was starting small, it was still important to me to start right. I had looked into doing the paperwork myself, and it soon became clear to me that even though I’m a lawyer (in a totally different area of law), my 2L corporate law class and bar review prep was not enough for me to feel confident that I was doing things properly. I hired Carolyn because of her obvious passion and enthusiasm for what she does, as well as her ethical, common-sense, and friendly approach to this area of law. I am so glad that I didn’t try to go it on my own!

Monica Glicken
formerly of the Law Office of Monica Eav Glicken PC