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Scott Griffis, B.S.

Email: Scott@ScottGriffis.com
University of the Pacific: B.S. in Computer Science
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM); Selenium Testing Tools
Hometown: Visalia, CA
Lives in: Chino Hills, CA



Scott graduated from University of the Pacific, in Stockton, CA, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) for Agile software developed by Scrum Alliance, and has also had training in Selenium Testing Tools.

Scott has over fifteen years of professional experience in the information technology industry. He has worked with major influencers including Netflix, NASA, Gateway, Acer, Intel, Microsoft and many other leaders in tech, creating custom solutions for their complex systems of desktops and servers. Scott was in charge of overseeing the worldwide production of all software used on all devices for Gateway computers and traveled to factories around the world to inspect their products and work with manufacturers to resolve issues. His skills are very broad, as he has managed both hardware and software production for devices ranging from small tablets and nano computers to large, multi-million dollar server orders. He has also managed large teams, and has been responsible for identifying technical specialists and bringing them onto his team to perform highly customized builds for high tech customers needing products that did not exist on the market.

His technical skills include mastery of: Java, C++ (Visual Studios), Perl scripting in Unix, Selenium WebDriver, IDEA, Apache Maven, JUnit, Cucumber (BDD), Gherkin, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, JSON, CSS (Bootstrap CDN), jQuery, HTML, GitHub, RESTful routing, Active record database, SQLite3, and PostgreSQL.

In addition to his experience in the business sector, Scott has also worked in education as a network engineer for the county office of education. In this position, he oversaw the technical needs of thousands of students and faculty, and worked with both teachers and administrators to plan future infrastructure and resolve technical issues.

Scott serves on Passion Law’s technology team, helping to create, design, and innovate software to service our clients, efficiently forming corporations and LLCs, and drafting and reviewing contracts.

Scott has lead international teams in multi-billion dollar corporations finding solutions for a wide range of technical issues. He is also an innovator in his own right, so he understands our client base. “I’ve started my own tech corporation, so I understand the common pitfalls that entrepreneurs face, as well as the legal and technical needs of a software industry startup.” He knows several computer programing languages, and understands computer architecture, hardware and theory. All this makes him a huge asset to Passion Law, and we’re proud to have him on our team.

Scott is passionate about teaching people new technology and finding the right technical solution for their needs. He is a wonderful addition to our team, as we create new solutions and innovative technology that will better assist our clients in bringing their passion to life.

His hobbies include hiking, traveling, testing out new technology, and surfing the Internet.

“Working at Passion Law allows me to work with many different technologies and keep up with current tech trends. I also love helping people and working with Passion Law gives me that opportunity.”