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Katie Pavao, B.A

Katie Pavao, B.A.


Email: Katie@PassionLawFirm.com
Education: California Baptist University: B. A. Theatre Arts: Performance, cum laude
Hometown: Lake Elsinore, CA
Lives in: Corinth, MS


Katie graduated from California Baptist University, cum laude, with a B.A. in Theatre Arts: Performance. She was a member of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society, and regularly earned a spot on the Provost’s and President’s Lists. She was the school department’s Outstanding Theatre Student of 2012. She has trained with the Magis Theatre Company, in New York City, and Ricki Maslar, CSA, in Nashville.

She is heavily involved in the local community theatre where she lives, teaching acting classes, directing and assisting productions, and serving on the Performing Arts Committee of Arts in McNairy.

Katie is the Social Media Director for Passion Law. She has had a wide array of experience in media, including acting in film, television, and theatre, developing and editing books and articles, and running social media campaigns. She ran her own entertainment business, and has represented others, with promotions, marketing, sales and public relations, in multiple markets. She has been graphic designing print and website materials since 2008.

Katie’s worked for the law firm since 2006, back when it was called The Dillinger Law Firm. Not only does Katie know Carolyn’s style (from working with her closely, and a lifetime of experience being sisters :-), she understands the passion and heart that created this Firm, and is familiar with Passion Law’s awesome clientele. Her unique experience developing characters and understanding the needs and wants of others, makes her a valuable asset to the Firm as she communicates Passion Law’s message of empowering entrepreneurs, corporations, and non-profit organizations to dream and pursue their passions.

Katie is passionate about people + words + art (and intrigued by psychology, society, and trends). This is a perfect fit for creating materials that others will be attracted to visually, and enjoy on an intellectual level. But even more than that, Katie shares the Firm’s passion for creating and entrepreneurship. There is nothing more exciting to her, than creating new worlds, and seeing people involve others in the things that they are most passionate about.

Katie loves to make people laugh and smile, and enjoys being at the theatre, acting, singing, dancing, and directing plays. She enjoys playing the piano; writing songs, plays, and musicals; reading; learning about new markets; and taking in the sunshine with friends and family.

She is thankful for her work at Passion Law, because it is engaging and exciting, while allowing her the freedom she needs to work from home with her one year old, darling little boy.