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Monica Glicken, Esq.

"I hired Carolyn and her office to help me with the incorporation documents for my solo law practice. Even though I was starting small, it was still important to me to start right. I had looked into doing the paperwork myself, and it soon became clear to me that even though I'm a lawyer (in a totally different area of law), my 2L corporate law class and bar review prep was not enough for me to feel confident that I was doing things properly. I hired Carolyn because of her obvious passion and enthusiasm for what she does, as well as her ethical, common-sense, and friendly approach to this area of law. I am so glad that I didn't try to go it on my own!"

Quinn Taber

“Working with Carolyn to form my non-profit organization has been the greatest pleasure. She has gone above and beyond at every opportunity, always offering to jump on the phone to answer questions, and has been timely and professional on each of our projects. I highly recommend working with her and her firm. I can say with confidence they are some of the best in Southern California.” 

Vincent Howard, Esq.

"When I was ready to start my law firm Carolyn Dillinger was my first choice to form my professional law corporation. I trust her and she knows corporations. Carolyn explained my options, I made the decisions, and then she got to work. Choosing to work with Carolyn allowed me to not worry about the details of forming a professional law corp and registering it with the State Bar of California. I was able to focus on building my team and servicing our clients."

Managing Shareholder of Howard Law, PC 2016 President of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA)

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Trusted and Experienced

Most clients are referred from a CPA, Attorney, or other business advisor. Even attorneys hire us to form their Law Corporations. Attorney Carolyn Dillinger has been a business and nonprofit lawyer for 16 years. Carolyn can answer your questions and form your new non-profit organization or business.


Passion Law is fun to work with! We enjoy working with entrepreneurs and being in business. We believe in our clients and empower them to succeed. We like to keep track of our client's goals, so we can watch you achieve them. It isn't just good business sense. It is who we are. We are Passion Law.

Your Lawyer, Your Advice

Our clients find that they receive more than a non-profit corporation or for-profit Corp or LLC. We give them business advice, introduce them to CPAs, insurance brokers, and other strategic resources. We can help you with your contracts, negotiate your business deals. We can help to keep you out of trouble.

Send us an email. Let's see how  our expertise and experience can best serve you.

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